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Aptiv Employees / Suppliers Notice

Delphi Employees / Suppliers Please Disregard this Message

As of 6PM EDT Friday, May 17th 2019 all Aptiv (formerly Delphi) user and supplier IDs have been transferred from DelphiSuppliers.com to https://AptivSupplier.com/. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Your account information and existing in-process file transfers have been migrated to the new website.

All supplier user IDs have been copied to the new site as well. If you as a supplier do not interact with Aptiv employees, please disregard this message and continue to use DelphiSuppliers.com as usual.


Authorized Persons Only

This website is only for the use of persons and organizations authorized by Delphi Automotive Systems.

If you are not authorized to use this page, please go no further.

All activity on this website is logged and monitored.




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